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Imagine World Class Internet Bandwidth Available Everywhere on Beacon Hill
On Beacon Hill, business is being done everywhere

The  world has changed.  The globalization of enterprise and the ability to transport work by wire across borders without  restrictions is putting us all in competition with people who live in new parts of the world where it is cheap to live and where levels of educational attainment are high.  At the same time, the rapid economic growth in the worlds two largest nations is driving the price of  energy  and raw  materials dramatically higher, and they  are adding their expanding waste and pollution to ours in threatening our environment and our survival.  

Our ability to compete and survive depends on our being able to minimize energy consumption and at the same time do business profitably with a global reach.  To do that, we need local internet service that is low cost, equally open to all users, and offering band width and speeds  that are equal to the best in the world.

Beacon Hill Neighborhoods are embarking on community planning now.  We are refreshing our goals and guidelines for growth.  We are making plans for our future.  As we do this, it is imperative that our internet communications infrastructure be an integral part of that planning.  Bandwidth, Net Neutrality and Access Equality must be on our minds and in our plans.  If Beacon Hill is to be a place where you can live and work green, and prosper in the decades to come, it must have universal access to the best internet infrastructure in the world.

Add specific Internet Access Equality, Band width and Net Neutrality Goals and Time lines to the Beacon Hill Design Guidelines, and Advocate for accomplishing them in the current Neighborhood Planning process.

Pipeline Danger

Beacon Hill's fuel pipeline is a permanent hazard.

This Is one issue that should not be allowed to go away

the Mayor's office engaged and then disengaged in very short order on this issue. Now they say that everything is fine with the pieline. Local residents have been kept in the dark and it is not clear that the mayor did not just cave in to the oil interests in backing away from this politically hot issue.

The residents of Beacon Hill unfortunately can't just ignore pipeline testing if we don't want a fuel leak bursting into a massive conflagration like the one in Bellingham. The testing of this pipeline should not be ignored.  Government regulation has proven unreliable in protecting the public interest

If the Shell/BP fuel pipelinee pops, you're toast!
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Beacon's Oil Pipeline