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Because you just can't do everything at once.

"A federal judge spiked Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels' plan to shut down Olympic Pipe Line's oil pipeline through South Seattle because the company is refusing to perform a safety test the city demanded. U.S. District Judge Robert Lasnik ruled that federal pipeline-safety laws trump the desires of local politicians."

This battle over our right to protect our health and safety is an interesting one. It resonates in the case of the pipeline hazards with other issues we are faced with in dealing with the health and Safety risks associated with cellular antenae and it is at the core of many clean air, and pure food and water issues. It is also central to the WTO debate. The question is, whether or not we have an inalienable right to promote and enforce local laws to protect our own health and safety. Laws that require a higher standard than the federal or some other local minimum. And more importantly, whether the Feds can enforce a federal maximum on our health and safety, preventing us from enforcing higher local standards. The front line of this fight is in the courts at the moment with an argument about whose law trumps whose. Can the Feds either by legislation or by fiat of some agency like the FCC or FDA or by WTO treaty, force people in Seattle to eat food with lead in it from lead soldered cans from overseas producers, or can they indeed force you to risk being burned to death by an expolsive rupture in an untested pipeline, or can they force you to accept being irradiated by a misplaced antennae that could have been more safely located if only we were allowed to consider health and safety in siting decisions.
It is my belief that all human beings have an inalienable right to come together to make local law to protect the common health and safety and that that right cannot be subordinated. Any other notion puts us in a race to the bottom as corruption inexorably sells out the public interest to private campaign contributors.
Standing up aggressively for this right is the only possible path to protecting clean air , food, and water supplies and to curbing the subordination of the public interest
This crucial right may not be able to be proven and won in federal court. Like American democracy and women suffrage and equality in civil rights, it might need to be won in the streets. That is daunting but that makes the right at stake none the less crucial.

Shell/BP Pipline Fire in Whatcom Creek