Beacon Hill, reinventing it , like it or not
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A whole new planning process that promises to drastically change the future of Beacon Hill has started, and it is on a fast track. We need to have a clear shared vision of our selves and our neighborhood in the future to guide our civic dialog with the City about what to change and when. In the weeks ahead I will post a lot of photograqphic images here of other peoples neighborhoods, neighborhoods whose character and image is driven by widely varying ideas about density and neighborhood character. I will ask you to choose your favorites and I will report the results in a polling process intended to help inform us all about how we feel about change and what change we want and don't want. There is a limit to what I have time for but let me know what you think in the box above and if you have images of great features of other neighborhoods you would like to offer as suggestions for improving our neighborhood send me a digital image that looks good about 4X6 inches on the screen and I will add it to the set in the survey